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A dynamic, CSS only website template


About Deck

Deck is a CSS only SPA-style template designed for linear presentations like powerpoint, galleries, and marketing communications.

Deck uses no javascript to control the interface, but instead relies on CSS3 techniques and native browser functionality to provide navigation. Individual pages can be deep linked into, and the back/forward buttons remain functional as you browse the website.



While Deck is well-suited for linear narratives, the user may also pull back and view the entire collection of pages via the table of contents menu. Selecting any of the pages by clicking will focus that layout once the menu is closed, or you can double click to go straight into a specific page.


CSS Grid

Deck uses the new CSS grid layout to provide control over horizontal and vertical placement of content within each page. This new control is particularly well suited to a format like Deck which has no 'below the fold' content.



For mobile users, Deck is responsive and adapts itself to a mobile-friendly format. The table of contents allows for fast navigation to specific pages, and the back button remains usable.


Legacy Browsers

Older browsers are supported as well, with Deck gracefully degrading to support previous CSS versions, while remaining accessible and usable.


An example of a full-page image, with caption text.

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